When developing a new hotel, we follow a length and detailed process. Before entering into any development agreement, we conduct an in-depth analysis. We only take on projects where we are confident we can create outstanding value for all of the stakeholders, including investors and the community where the hotel will be built.

Our development process includes:

  • Site identification
  • Conduct detail due diligence
  • Negotiate acquisition contact
  • Obtain expert feasibility, environmental, geotechnical, title, and design studies
  • Prepare construction budget
  • Create preliminary 5-year operations budget
  • Draft preliminary drawings
  • Complete entitlement process
  • Engage architect and engineering firms
  • Arrange franchise license
  • Complete interview and bidding process with contractors
  • Schedule all building phases with “pert” chart
  • Begin construction
  • Oversee all aspects of the construction
  • Punch out final building
  • Obtain certificate of occupancy
  • Begin hotel operations

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