Here at Prime Hospitality Management we recognize that we success is a team effort. Not only do we have an internal culture of teamwork among our employees, but as a company we strive to be an excellent team player when working with our partners and different stakeholders. We recognize that we can only be successful when we are providing unparalleled value to everyone we work with.

This means that we carefully vet all investment and acquisition opportunities. We only take on projects that we believe in. We only hire the best of the best in terms of contractors, vendors, and employees. We work tirelessly with our partners, investors, and community stakeholders to make sure that everyone benefits from our projects.

While other hospitality companies strive to achieve guest satisfaction—that is low of a standard for us. We want our guests, and everyone who deals with us on any level, to be excited by their experience and eager to work with or stay with us again.

At our core, we aren’t just in the hospitality business. We are in the people business. That means we recognize every decision we make has real world consequences for investors, guests, and the communities we build in. We can’t afford to take it easy or to do the bare minimum—too many people are counting on us. Our team isn’t willing to let anyone down.

Many businesses talk about creating value. We do more than just talk about value. We actively work on creating value every day. For us, value is not an abstract concept. It is part of our DNA. We work on creating value that investors and partners can see on their balance sheets and our employees can see in their paychecks. We create value that we can see on our guests and our employees faces. We also create value that you can see in the attitudes of the communities where we work.

Our mission is to create hospitality development projects that bring unparalleled value to investors, our partners, our employees, and the communities we serve. We define value as a combination of profitability, opportunities for growth, and social responsibility.

Our Team

Harry Patel


Mehul (Mike) Patel


Sandip Patel

CFO / Executive Senior Vice President

Lavina Patel

Executive Senior Vice President

Rick Cadena

VP of Operations

Larry Beilski

VP of Construction

Bill Breneman

Head of Engineering

Rutul Patel

IT / Procurement

Tammy Risen

VP of Sales/Marketing/Revenue Management

Cathy Riber

VP of Accounting

Pranav Bhakta

Capital Markets

Vishal Patel

Vice President